Napoleon Vs Weber – How To Choose The Best Gas Grills

Buying a grill is no joke. There is so many to choose from, plus a decent amount of investment goes into buying the best gas grill, so one can’t take it casually. But, it is easy to get fooled by glittering features, elegant looks, and cool gadgets. You can miss the main reason as to why you need a gas grill at home. So, to make sure that you stay on track and find the best gas grill, we have come up with a comparison. Not just any other comparison, but it is the comparison between two finest gas grills that the market has to offer.

Today, we will be doing Napoleon Vs Weber. The products that will represent each of these brands are:

Why Gas Grills?

It is important for you to find out as to why gas grills are given so much preference over other types of grills. So, let us discuss some of its highlighting features to give you a better idea of this particular type of grill.

No Muss, No Fuss

Having a device that is user-friendly doesn’t harm, does it? The grill turning on with just a push of a button or turn of a knob is all we need. Waiting for coal to reach the optimum temperature and then, moving on with the cooking process is something that most people hate, as it is time-consuming and messy. With gas grills, you don’t have to worry about cleaning as you would have done in a charcoal grill.

Stable & Steady Heat Control

With gas grills at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about adding more charcoals or pumping air to generate more heat, as it will be done automatically. The heat remains constant and consistent throughout the cooking period.


It doesn’t matter if a gas grill is more durable than a charcoal grill because it all depends upon how you maintain the grill. If the maintenance is good, then a gas grill could easily last a decade or even more. It is pretty much evident that gas grills have an upper hand over their charcoal counterparts. So, let us now delve into the discussion as to which gas grill is the best because after all, the benefit is in taking home the best that is available on the market.

Comparing Napoleon Vs Weber

Napoleon Grills with Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill is a machine that is made in heaven because it has got everything that is required to cook delicious meals. From elegant design to spacious cooking area, everything in this grill is praiseworthy. Cleaning this grill is also a few minutes’ task because the waste is accumulated at one place. Weber Genesis II LX S-340 is a heavyweight when it comes to features. Arguably the best outdoor gas grills on the market today, Weber Genesis II LX S-340 promises a wonderful barbecue experience without leaving too much mess behind.

Construction & Design

Napoleon Grills with Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill is a premium gas grill that is made of durable stainless steel, which not just gives the grill a great aesthetic look, but also safeguard the machine from harshest of the weathers. From outer body to cooking areas, everything is made of stainless steel, even the grids, so you can expect an efficient heat retention and even distribution of heat in this gas grill. The company has made provisions for users who are looking to grill in the dark. The i-glow backlit control knobs will make this machine a lot more beautiful at night, plus you can easily change settings in the brilliant blue light emitting from the knobs.

The design of Weber Genesis II LX S-340 gas grill seems pretty solid. I don’t know if you had noticed but the letter ‘S’ in the name of the grill tells a lot about the metal that is used in this grill. Weber Genesis II LX S-340 is made of Stainless steel, and I mean all parts. Moreover, the grill has got a stainless steel finish as well, as if the stainless steel parts were not enough to protect the grill. This gas grill is durable and has a better resistance to corrosion, thus giving you a lot more grilling seasons to enjoy. That was about the interiors, and if you talk about the exterior of this amazing product, then it is made of porcelain-enameled steel, which is going to protect the grill from all sorts of wear and tears.

The construction of this grill has been done in such a way that you can place your plates and bowls full of food along with hanging spatulas, tongs and other grilling tools on the grill itself. You can use this grill for barbecuing at night as well as the company has added cool handle lights on the lid and control knobs. The lights given on the lid turns on an off automatically when someone open or close the lid. The inclusion of lights doesn’t make the grill look cool but also helps a user spot his/her food whether it is grilled properly or not.

Cooking Area

Napoleon Grills with Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill has a cooking area of around 805 sq. Inches., which is a lot more than Weber Genesis, so you can easily feed 4-6 people because this gas grill can grill up to 24 hamburgers at one time. Moreover, you can roast holiday meals, sear steaks, rotisserie meals, smoke, bake bread and desserts in this amazing gas grill. There are four main burners given in the grill, which provide an exceptional cooking experience. Burner to grilling ratio is near perfect in this gas grill, so you can expect an excellent and more even heating for all kinds of food.

The company has added an infrared side burner that has grates as well. The material used in grates is cast iron that is given porcelain finish. To give a smoky flavor to the meat, there are flavor bars or searing plates incorporated into the grill, which is something that you will find in Weber gas grill as well. Weber Genesis II LX S-340 has a primary cooking area of 513 sq. inches, which is a bit less than its Napoleon counterpart because, in Napoleon, you will get 805 sq. Inches., of cooking area. But, you can easily cook food for two hungry people. Moreover, there is a 156 sq. Inches., of warming overhead space as well, which will come in handy as you can store food in that space until you decide to serve it.

The food will remain warm and fresh there. The inclusion of a side burner and that too with a lid is also one of the likable features because it allows a user to cook something extra just in case the primary cooking area is full. Side burners should not be considered as an extra feature because it can produce 12,000 BTU-per-hour. Flavorizer bars is another thing that I really liked about the product as these will infuse smoky flavor into the meat, thus making the meat more scrumptious. At the same time, these bars will reduce flare-ups.


Napoleon Grills with Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill has included an infrared side burner, which is also known as rear rotisserie burner, which is going to cook delicious food at a time when the main cooking area is already full with meals. To make sure that the ignition takes place instantly, the company has empowered the machine with ‘JETFIRE Ignition System’, which is something that you won’t find in other grills at this price range.

This system is going to make sure that the heat is turned on in a split second. Monitor the heat through the accu-probe temperature gauge, which comes built-in with the machine. Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill comes with GS4 Grilling system, which will make grilling a fun and hassle-free task.

Ignition is done electronically, plus the burners that are included in the machine are of supreme quality, so those will ensure constant and even distribution of heat. For measuring the temperature inside the grill, there is a built-in thermometer given by the company that you can find on the lid, or there is an application by the name ‘iGrill3’, which you can download on your phone to monitor grill’s temperature.

Heat Generation & Management

Napoleon Gas Grill has the capability of producing 74,000 BTUs of heat, which is highest in the gas grills that are available in the same price range as that of Napoleon Gas Grill. The company has its own developed ‘Jetfire Ignition system’ that allows quick and easy lighting every time. A double walled lid given in the grill holds heat quite efficiently, thus resulting in an oven-like performance.

Weber Gas Grill is going to produce 43,500 BTUs of heat, which is sufficient to handle even a larger cooking space than this gas grill sports. Moreover, the company has given ‘High+ Heat’ settings, which will provide an additional boost of heat to expedite the rise of temperature to the desired level that is perfect for searing.

Storage & Cleaning

Napoleon Grills with Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill doesn’t take much time to clean, as there is a full-width drip pan that is going to catch what has not been able to vaporize. There is a disposable drip tray included in the machine as well, which you can remove at the end of cooking. When it comes to storing this machine, then I hope you have a garage or a storeroom where you can make up some space for this amazing grill that has made scrumptious delights for you a few moments ago.

Weber Genesis II LX S-340 is a compact machine, which you can easily fold down from the left side table and store in your garage or storage room. For quick and easy cleaning, the company has provided a dependable grease management, which handles funneling of the grease in an efficient manner. The grease is accumulated into a catch pan that is placed right below the cook box. One the cook box is full of grease, take it out and dispose of all the grease.

Buy Napoleon Grills With Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill If:

  • You want a grill with a generous cooking space.
  • You want to cook food for half a dozen people at a time.
  • You want to have a space to do a host of other cooking tasks, such as cutting/chopping vegetables and fruits, storing sauce bottles and other drinks.

Buy Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill If:

  • You want a grill for your own family.
  • You are a beginner at grilling.
  • You want a compact grill that you can take along on trips.

Final Verdict

Both gas grills consist of some of the top-notch features that this niche has to offer. Where Napoleon grill offers more grilling space, Weber grill is excellent for those who have just started to learn how to grill. The battle of Napoleon Vs Weber is always going to a tough one, and it turns out to be exactly the same way. Now, it is you who has to decide as to which is the best gas grill. Go through the review and find out as to which gas grill meets your requirements in the most suitable way.

Last Updated on March 30, 2023